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100 Years Bauhaus

"100 Years Bauhaus" is celebrated not only in Berlin, Weimar and Dessau:
Krefeld is the Bauhaus city in North Rhine-Westphalia. The history of the city and the Bauhaus are more closely interwoven than in any other NRW commune: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Johannes Itten, Georg Muche and other representatives of the school lived and worked here.
At the moment, there are five areas of focus, with which aspects of the Bauhaus are thematized in exhibitions. Further exhibitions and projects, among others in the German Textile Museum and in the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum are still pending. Below is an overview of the current exhibitions.

More Informations: https://www.krefeld.de/de/inhalt/fuenf-bauhaus-ausstellungen-in-krefeld/

Schluff - Krefeld's historic steam railway

The Schluff - Krefeld's historic steam railway - is one of the oldest private railways in Germany. In 1868, the Krefeld Railway was founded. The name "silt" is reminiscent of the hissing sound of the locomotive, which is similar to that of a shuffling slipper - on the Lower Rhine "Schluffe" - similar.

The connection between St. Tönis and Hülser Berg has been preserved from the route network of the still private railway. Since 1980 the silt runs on this route.

More Information: https://www.schluff-krefeld.de/schluff/termine.html

Haus Esters Haus Lange

Near the hockey field:

The two townhouses Haus Esters and Haus Lange were built in 1927/28 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, one of the leading representatives of the Neues Bauen, as private houses for the friendly silk industrialists Hermann Lange and Dr. Ing. Josef Esters designed and serve today as places for the temporary exhibitions of the art museums Krefeld.

More Information: https://kunstmuseenkrefeld.de/en


Kaiser Wilhelm Museum

In 1897, with the opening of the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum on Karlsplatz, the first component of the Kunstmuseen Krefeld was laid.

It soon became one of the most progressive institutes in the field of design, applied arts and architecture. Posters, ceramics, Japanese woodcuts or everyday objects were presented with the aim of creating style and promoting a new form of "good taste".

More Information: http://www.museumburglinn.de/de/

Linner Burg

Not only in the name of the castle Linn shapes our museum: the more than 900 years old moated castle is known as a landmark and excursion far beyond the Krefeld city limits.

The former Kurkölnische Landesburg is one of the oldest castles in the Lower Rhine. Surrounded by a wide moat and with the intact outer bailey invites you to explorations and walks in the park. Inside, you get an impression of the lifestyle in the high Middle Ages.

More Information: http://www.museumburglinn.de/de/


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